Loyalty Rewards Program

Thunder 3 -- $650

Thunder 2 -- $650

LRP Members (Account must be fully paid up to remain in LRP;  if you take a break you pay current year rates upon return):

Angulo, Gerardo
Barnard, Marley
Barton, Samantha
Berkman, Kaylie
Busenbark, Vito Kiselev
Carpenter, Nicole
Chung, Ethan
Deffet, Catherine
Deffet, Danielle
Derby, Bella
Derby, Francesca
Derby, Sophia
Diaz, Marianna
Dorffeld, Colton
Duddridge, Kristian
Freeman, Nick
Gibbs, Evan
Gorham, Lexi 
Gorham, Lilli
Gurfinkel, Armando
Kennedy, Kevan
Kizek, Francesca
Lin, Asher
Lyon, Brendan
Mann, Colby
Mapp, Jimmy
Munoz, Stacy
Nasta, Napoleon
Owens, Nathan

Ramirez, Alessandro
Ruppert, Gavin
Ruppert, Grayson

Schababerle, Jacob
Sung, Alex
Tankovich, Adrian
Truong, Edward
Vazquez, Isabel
Von Lillienskjold,  Kamma
Voronov, David
Waithman, Matthew
Williams, Mary
Yuan, Ian
Zanabria, Daniel
Zanabria, Mia

Lightning 2 - $570

Thunder 1

Thunder 2

Thunder 3

Lightning 1

Lightning 2



REGISTRATION FEES -- $135 per swimmer
As the swimmer ages up during the year, the new age group rates (below) will apply.
**If you take a break, current year rates will apply when you return.**

SESSION INSTALLMENTS        DUE Sept 1, Jan 1, Apr 1
Rain                                                $425                       
Lightning II                                     $570                              
Lightning I                                      $600                         
Thunder III                                      $650                            
Thunder II                                       $650                           
Thunder I                                        $675                              

ANNUAL PAYMENTS             DUE September 1 
                                            (Discounted Rate)
Rain                                           $1200
Lightning II                                $1600
Lightning I                                 $1700
Thunder III                                 $1850
Thunder II                                  $1850
Thunder I                                   $1950

No monthly payment plan available for LRP.


Lightning 1 -- $600

10th Anniversary


Returning swimmers who registered and paid in full by June 30, 2017 pay training fees at the 2016-17 rate.  Rates will increase as the swimmer ages up through the training groups, but the increases will be at the 2016 rate.

Account must remain in good standing (i.e., fully paid up) in order to remain eligible.  If you leave Power for any reason, you must pay current rates upon return.

EmPOWERing Swimmers FOR Success in LIFE.  A USA Swimming / Gulf Swimming member organization in Katy/West Houston

Pay Annual

Rain -- $425

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Pay By Session -- Due Sept 1, Dec 1, Mar 1

Fees are Non-Refundable

A 4% handling fee will be assessed for all PayPal transactions.  It will show up as "shipping" on your statement.


Thunder 1 -- $675