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April 3rd Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Results

Thanks to all that participated in the Fruit and Vegetable Challenge!  Here are the top ten results:

1.  Sam with 71 fruits and vegetables eaten

2.  Conner with 68 fruits and vegetables eaten 

2.  Riley with 68 fruits and vegetables eaten

4.  Mariana with 50 fruits and vegetables eaten

5.  Francesca with 49 fruits and vegetables eaten

5.  Joy with 49 fruits and vegetables eaten

7.  Valentina with 47 fruits and vegetables eaten

8.  Luke M. with 42 fruits and vegetables eaten

​9.  Stacy with 37 fruits and vegetables eaten

10.  Marley with 27 fruits and vegetables eaten

The March 27th Plank Challenge Winner Is...

Kaylie Berkman!

Congratulations to the following Honorable Mentions:  Nicole Carpenter, Sam Hunniford, Cian Maloney, Natalie Sun, Nate Sun, Alex Sung and Mary Williams.

Link to the calendar here

May 22, 2020 Distance Practice

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of swimmers that were wanting to participate in the distance practice on May 22nd.  We are sorry that we can not accommodate everyone that wanted to attend since we have to abide by USA Swimming Social Distancing Guidelines.  Coaches decided swimmer participation based on T30 results from January and March 2020.  The following swimmers are invited to participate:

Ian Bennett - 116 (Men's Team Record Holder)

Rica Kizek - 112 (Women's Team Record Holder)

Nick Freeman - 108

Gerardo Angulo - 106

Ivan Torres - 106

Kevan Kennedy - 106

Matt Crabtree - 104

Kristian Duddridge - 102

Colby Mann - 102

Kaylie Berkman - 99

Marley Barnard - 95

Bella Derby - 95

Emma Watts - 95

Santiago Salazar - 95

Thomas Brito - 94

Stacy Munoz - 94

Evan Gibbs - 92

​Javier Brenes - 91

Gina Perez - 90

Jeremy Crabtree - 90

Nicole Carpenter - 89

Brendan Lyon  - 89

Anneliese Sood - 85

Ella Schlorholtz - 83

Congratulations and Good Luck!​  Here are the lane assignments!

April Long Course Meet Entries

April 10th Kindness Challenge

Coach Sharon has challenged her swimmers to spread kindness to as many people as possible this week.  Please send the team manager a picture of your swimmer and a sample of the kindness they shared (a nice letter, piece of art, flowers, cookies, etc.) to the team manager by Thursday, April 16th at 8pm and fill out this form describing how many people you impacted.

​​​​​Zoom Call Team Meeting Plank Challenge

Coach Sharon challenged the team on the 3/27 Zoom call to a Plank Challenge.  Swimmers, please have your parents time you while planking.  Submit a picture of you planking to the team manager ( and your best time here by Thursday, April 2nd at 6pm.  Coaches will meet and determine the winner.  Both length of plank and form will be determining factors.  Winner will be announced on the April 3rd Zoom call.  Zoom call link will be in an email, not posted on the website.  The winner will receive a POWER Lightning Bolt towel!!!

Squat Challenge

Jump Rope Challenge!

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