The professional alternative for club swimming in the greater Houston and Katy area.  A USA Swimming / Gulf Swimming member organization.

Registration Fee $120, includes t-shirt
Training Fees $90 per month

Do you want to start this summer?  Call us for a quote.


**No Refunds**

Volunteering & Fundraising

Unlike many club teams, PFL does not require family volunteering and/or fundraising activities.  However ...

TIMING at all meets your swimmer attends is a MANDATORY part of your club membership.

Starting in Fall 2018, Meet Fees will be LOWERED to $50 per day;  Add $30 late fee if paid after entries are sent in to Gulf Swimming.

2018-19 Fee Structure -- PFL

Registration Fee:  $165, includes t-shirt and 2 caps

Priority Registration:  $135 (June 1 - June 30)

Training Fees By Group:

Session payments due Sept 1, Jan 1, April 1 

*Preferred method

Thunder 1:  $700/session
Thunder 2:  $675/session
Thunder 3:  $675/session
Lightning 1:  $625/session
Lightning 2:  $600/session
Rain:   $450/session
PowerReady:  $625/session

*Upon receipt of three full session payments, season is considered fully paid from the beginning of short course through the end of long course.   For those that join mid-season, charges will include all remaining months through the end of long course.

Save money and pay one-time-only annual fee by Sept 1

Thunder 1:  $2000
Thunder 2:   $1900

Thunder 3:  $1900
Lightning 1:  $1800
Lightning 2:  $1700
Rain:  $1250
PowerReady:   $1800

Pay monthly

Due to popular demand, we have reinstated monthly fees.  Payments are due Sept 1 through April 1, at which point the season will be fully paid.**  

Thunder 1:  $270

Thunder 2 & 3:  $265

Lightning 1:  $250

Lightning 2:  $240

Rain:  $185

PowerReady:  $250

**Those that start mid-season will pay a monthly rate through July 1.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss alternative financing plans. 

(Note:  PowerFit is now a summer-only program.  Swimmers currently enrolled in PowerFit during the school year will be moved to Thunder.)

The most effective way to ensure timely payments 

is to set up a regular recurring payment with your bank's online bill pay

Payment should be made payable to POWER

List your swimmer's name as the account number

Mailing address: 

Power Aquatics

22526 Cove Hollow Drive

Katy, Texas 77450

Handwritten checks may be mailed to the above address or hand delivered to practice

If cash payment is necessary, please place in an envelope with the swimmer's name on front