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What is an IMX or IMR score?  See the USA Swimming  website and Power Point Calculator for an overview.

Elementary and Middle School Swimmers -- PowerReady

Entry Level for the Competitive Team --


PowerReady -- Age 9 to 12

Our  novice level for school age children who are able to swim but have not yet achieved an IMR or IMX score.

This program will be run concurrently with the Lightning  groups detailed here.  Swimmers can graduate to the Lightning groups as soon as they have achieved their IMR or IMX scores.  Swimmers in the PowerReady group will focus on fitness and conditioning with some technique instruction.  

  • 4 practices per week (M/T/W/Th)
  • 60 to 90 minutes each​ depending on age
  • Runs concurrently with competitive team schedule for Lightning groups
  • Goal is to move to Lightning when ready

Our entry level programs are designed for swimmers who have a desire to swim on the competitive team, but who require a bit more time refining technical skills before they can make the step up.  Our goal is always to help athletes achieve their fullest potential in the sport of swimming.

These programs are ideal for those swimmers who do not wish to compete at USA/Gulf Swimming meets but seek a comprehensive physical workout.  Our program qualifies for a Phys Ed waiver in most area schools.


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