STEP 1)  Use our interactive form, below, to register online for Power For Life.  A new registration form is required each year.  Also review and sign the MAAPP policy here.

STEP 2)  Payment can be made online via PayPal.  Paypal will time and date stamp your submission.

STEP 3)  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, membership is limited.  The first 27 swimmers will receive a place on the team.  Everyone after that will be placed on a waiting list.  The paid registration fee holds your place on the list.

Register for the Competitive Team - Lightning

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Registration fees are non-refundable

EmPOWERing Swimmers FOR Success in LIFE.  A USA Swimming / Gulf Swimming member organization in Katy/West Houston     Call Us! 832-622-2561

If you have any questions please contact the Team Manager at 832-303-3117 or


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Registration fees for swimmers are $156 for the 2020-2021 season, payable at the time of registration and only payable via Paypal.  Paid registration does not guarantee a place on the team.

Please review and sign the MAAPP form here