Power aquatics

The Professional Alternative for Competitive Swim Club Training in Katy and the Greater Houston Area.  A USA Swimming member club.

Dad's Club

Taylor High School


Fall Practice Schedule 2017

Monthly Schedule:

Practice Locations
Power for Life team practices are held primarily at James E. Taylor High School, 20700 Kingsland Boulevard, in Katy, Texas.  Parking is in the covered garage off Dominion Drive.  The practice entrance is at the rear of the natatorium.  Walk west past the baseball field and look for double doors at the far right corner of the main building.

During the long course season, PFL conducts several practices a week at the Dad's Club pool at 1006 Voss Road in Houston.  High School Conditioning classes are held at the Creekstone community pool at 22002 Eagle Meadow Drive in Katy.