PFL Storm Policy

Power for Life Storm Policy               Taylor High School

Because we rent from Katy ISD, we must follow their rules and policies. They have very specific policies regarding pool usage when there is lightning in the area. In general, swimmers are not permitted in the pool area during a lightning storm and must stay out of the pool area for 30 minutes after the last roll of thunder. Even though indoor facilities run by other ISD’s and organizations do not clear their pools, we will follow this policy in our continued regard for swimmers’ safety and our ability to rent the pool from Katy ISD.

What does this mean regarding practice cancellations?

If we are already swimming:

We will get the swimmers out as soon as we are aware there is lightning in the area, or if we are asked by KISD staff to remove the swimmers from the pool. Depending upon the duration of the storm, and how much time is remaining in practice, we may end up cancelling the remainder of the practice. Parents will get a text from REMIND to let them know that their swimmers are ready for pick-up. Swimmers who are remaining with the coaches waiting for pick-up will be given dry-land exercises in the entrance rotunda while waiting for their parents. Swimmers will remain in safety, in the rotunda until parents drive up to pick them up. We strongly encourage parents to return to the pool as soon as possible so that coaches can get on the road to get out of the storm for their safety.

If practice has not yet started:

If storms are forecast, Coach Sharon will check the Weather Channel for updates and make the best guess depending upon their forecasts and radar whether practice will be held, delayed or cancelled altogether. Coach Sharon does not claim to be a meteorologist, and will rely on TWC website for information. She will do her best to make the call by 3:30 pm (for Thunder Practices) or 5:30 pm (for Lightning, Rain and Shark School practices) if we will cancel practice. Parents will receive a REMIND text if we are cancelling practice; the team manager will also follow up with an email and if time permits, put the cancellation on the front page of the website.

Like every coach in America, and out of respect of providing value for money, we will hold practice if it is at all feasible. Naturally we will wait until the last possible minute to make that call. If the weather is iffy, parents are encouraged to make their own decision whether to get on the road to travel to the pool. Swimmers who are a few minutes late because parents made the decision to hit the road at 3:30, will still be welcomed to practice! We certainly do not encourage parents to take risks by driving in bad weather to get to practice. If you live in the Katy area and there is a storm brewing at the beginning of practice, because of the additional 30 minute delay required for safety, then practice will likely be cancelled.

Safety of or swimmers, their families and our staff is always the primary concern and will always be the first and last consideration when deciding whether to run or cancel practice.




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