Power aquatics

The Professional Alternative for Competitive Swim Training in the Greater Houston Area

Gulf Summer Champs Meet

Location TBD

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B & Under Champs Meet

at Dad's Club, Emmons Natatorium

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Gulf Swimming has released the 2017-18 meet schedule.


Help!  It's My First Swim Meet!!!


Meet Participation Overview

What Should I Bring to the Meet?
Competition suit
Team cap (plus a spare – they can rip)
Goggles (plus a spare – they can break)

Team t-shirt
Towels – 2 to 3
Beverages to re-hydrate – water or sports drinks
Snacks to refuel – carbohydrates, protein, fruit (no candy or greasy food)
Print-out of the meet timeline from the Gulf Swimming Website
Print-out of the warm-up sessions, times and lane assignments for Power for Life from the
Gulf Swimming Website
Pen, highlighter

Pop-Up Tent -- Some venues will not allow spectators to "set up" in the stands

Chairs –depending on the pool facilities, you may or may not need them, but it’s a good idea to have them in your vehicle

Sunscreen, bug spray for outdoor meets

Gulf Age Group Champs Meet

At Fleet

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Emmons Natatorium

What Does "Circle In" Mean?

 At most meets, swimmers must “Circle In” (check-in) for certain events to be eligible to swim.

Near the entry to the pool, locate the swimmer listings which are typically posted on poster board and organized by gender, then by age-group. On each age-group poster board, you will see the events of the day, with a listing of each swimmer who entered the event.

The swimmer needs to circle the number next to their name for each event they entered for that particular day.

Plan on arriving early at the pool.  Circle-In lists are pulled about 45 minutes before the start of the meet.  If a swimmer has not circled in, he or she cannot swim their events.