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EmPOWERing Swimmers FOR Success in LIFE.  A USA Swimming / Gulf Swimming member organization in Katy/West Houston

KEY PERSONNEL -- What are the volunteer tasks and how can I get involved?

No one person can successfully execute all of the tasks involved in planning and running a swim meet. The meet director is the point person for coordinating the planning and staging of the meet.  Plans and assignments for every aspect of meet operations are made well in advance, even though some of the functions will not be performed until the day of the meet. The meet director will establish specific deadlines for the tasks of key personnel and delegate responsibility to the lead volunteers.  Lead volunteers should assemble a reliable team of helpers.  Good communication at all levels is vital.

​Contact Laura Freeman, our Hosted Meet Volunteer Coordinator, for more information and to get involved.

Key personnel include:

Meet Referee – full authority over the actual conduct of the meet Administrative Referee/Official – full responsibility for the dry side of the meet

Meet Director – general coordination of the meet

Safety Marshal – enforces the warm-up procedures and maintains order in the venue

Awards Ordering – orders the awards

Entry Chair – receives and inputs the entries for the meet

Heat Sheet Ads – contacts vendors and businesses and solicits ads and donations

Computer Operator/Assistants – runs the software, including seeding and printing results

Colorado Timing System Operator/Assistants – controls the CTS console and timing system

Announcer – general purpose announcements

Timing Judges – receive all results and checks for validity

Clerk of Course – receives on-deck entries and maintains control over the event entries

Chief Timer – maintains control over lane timers and starts 2 backup watches on each race

Ready Area Marshals – if needed, controls the area behind the starting blocks

Hospitality Chair – supervises and organizes the coaches' and officials' hospitality room

Concessions Chair – supervises the purchasing and sales of concessions

Runners -- From Computer to Awards; Posting Results From Computer to Lane Timers; From Lane Timers to Timing Judges; From Computer to two Starters, two Ready Area Marshals; Posting Lane Assignments and Flipping Event Numbers

Heat Sheets/Awards – sells heat sheets and distributes awards

Extra Volunteers (to fill in for each shift as needed)

Equipment Pick-Up – obtains timing equipment from Gulf Swimming Equipment Set-Up – sets up the timing equipment at the venue

Clean Up – maintains a clean and orderly venue

Return Equipment – delivers timing equipment to Gulf Swimming 

Hosted Meet Volunteer Coordinator --

Laura Freeman     ***Email Laura***

Parent Volunteers

We are counting on YOU to help PFL meet its commitment to Gulf Swimming by hosting meets this year and in the future.  When we host a meet, EVERYONE will be required to pitch in.


  • Taking a turn timing whenever you have a swimmer entered into a meet.  Sometimes you will need to take more than one turn.  Timing is a parent function -- if a coach must time because there is no parent, your child will be without leadership on deck.
  • ​Taking on a volunteer job to help PFL host a meet.  Jobs can be on deck or behind the scenes.

What is a Sanctioned meet?

Sanctioned meets require that all competing swimmers be Athlete members of USA Swimming. Key meet personnel such as Meet and Safety Directors, Coaches and Officials must also be members of USA Swimming. Sanctioned meets must be conducted under current USA Swimming rules and regulations.

It is extremely important that the Sanction be properly prepared and meticulously adhered to during the meet, including maintaining the correct number of officials, judges, and other key personnel as specified on the sanction.  Any discrepancies could result in the swimmers' times being disallowed.

Key Personnel for our April 2019 Meet 

Meet Referee - Rick Tobin
Administrative Official -
Richard Griffin
Meet Director -
Laura Freeman, Neil Sood
Safety Marshal -
Glenn Ruppert
Entry Chair -
Computer Operator -
Cally Cheah, Kate Holden
Colorado Timing System Operator -
Matt Freeman
Announcer -
Brian Schlorholtz
Judges -
Cherie Duddridge
Clerk of Course -
Kay Kennedy
Chief Timer -
Bryant Bradshaw
Ready Area -
Hospitality Chair -
Dawn Crabtree
Concessions Chair-
Dawn Crabtree
Runners -
Heat Sheets -
Meet Mobile

Ribbons/Awards - Kay Kennedy
Volunteer Sign In -
Matt Bruno
Sponsorships -
Josephine Derby
Equipment Pick Up and Return -
Jason Barnard
Equipment Set Up -
Jason Barnard
Clean Up -

For more information, download the Gulf Swimming and USA Swimming handbooks here.